Research and Development Engineer
Krim Lane

Krim Lane is a consummate military veteran who joined the EZ Blockchain team in early 2021 as its newest Research and Development Engineer.

Krim’s scholastic background is based in chemical engineering and project management. He also possesses an in-depth knowledge of oilfield technology, fuel-production, cogeneration power-production, environmental regulation, and hazard analysis and enjoys using this information and experience as part of his research and development strategy as he tries to stay ahead of the curve at all times. 

Before joining the team, Krim worked with Formosa Plastics as a Process Engineer managing their operations personnel and ensuring that the team stayed ahead of water treatment innovations. He also worked with Frontier International as a research and development engineer in Houston Texas and aiding in elevating the company’s service in the aviation industry through the results of his work. 

Within EZ Blockchain, Krim uses this knowledge to manage research and development projects in order to facilitate the flow of concept to commissioning of natural gas production and power generation.

Krim’s expertise doesn’t stop there. He is multilingual and a world traveler who now resides in Houston, Texas, when not in the office, he also enjoys sports, cooking healthy meals for himself and his dog, real estate development, simulation theory, and even some paleontology.

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