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Dose of Ether #16: EZ Blockchain and Celsius Network
What Sergii and Bijan talked about

2019 was a big year for EZ Blockchain, and Sergii and Bijan had a lot to talk about when they connected at the conference. The focus of the interview, however, was the progress EZ Blockchain has made to take wasted natural gas burned at oil refineries and put it to productive use.

The mobile data centers built by EZ Blockchain are now in place at multiple drilling sites around the U.S. The natural gas released by these sites (a natural byproduct of drilling for oil) is normally “flared” (burned off), but these mobile data centers are changing that.

How? These oil sites don’t have the infrastructure to transport the natural gas to centers where it can be processed and turned into energy. This is the reason why these companies have been forced to flare the gas for generations. The wasted energy and environmental emissions have become devastating for the ecosystem and the economy alike.

As a response, and to the benefit of the market, EZ Blockchain is coming in to turn that gas into energy using generators on-site.

How does this relate to the Blockchain?

These oil refineries don’t have the infrastructure to transport the natural gas to plants. So now, EZ Blockchain comes to them. Using our unique mobile data centers, we hook up directly to the natural gas sources at the refineries to process the gas through our own generators.

We then use that energy to mine cryptocurrency.

Mining cryptocurrency takes energy, and EZ Blockchain captures wasted energy

The mobile data centers by EZ Blockchain work running hashes all day long to convert those hashes into mined Bitcoin. This takes energy, and lots of it. EZ Blockchain uses the natural gas otherwise flared to power our mobile data centers.

Not only does this system save energy that would otherwise be wasted, it also makes the global Blockchain more energy-friendly. The larger Blockchain community is not thinking a lot about energy—at least, they’re not talking about it. EZ Blockchain is the player on the field who’s worked to change that. We’re in this to make sure everyone wins. Because, if that’s possible, that is the only standard of excellence we care to meet.

Icing on the cake

Except for the cost of developing the mobile data centers and the cost of renting the generators, the overhead of our mobile centers is low. Our energy consumption is also more efficient. And the oil companies are telling us to “take it all,” because otherwise the gas flared poses problems for the companies under state laws and common ethics.

Listen to the full podcast above for more details from the interview.

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