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EZ Smartbox Mobile Mining Unit

Fully plug and play solution for crypto mining
Maximum KW capacity on the market in a 40 ft size unit
Calculated airflow for the best operation in hot and cold environments
Fits flexible sizes and types of the crypto hardware



Advantages and features

model 3000

model 1500

model 600

Miners slots with up to 3.5 kW/h power consumption
Power Input up to kWh
3 phase power connection to outside access 6 Main Breakers
Connection type: 3 hot wires 1 ground, each phase Volts
415 / 240 or 480 / 277
415 / 240 or 480 / 277
415 / 240 or 480 / 277
Outside temperature range, °F
- 40 °F to + 125 °F
- 40 °F to + 125 °F
- 40 °F to + 100°F

12 400A Main Breakers

768 Individual Miner 20A 1P breakers

6 400A Main Breakers

384 Individual Miner 20A 1P breakers

2 Main Breakers 630A

175 Individual Miner 20A 1P breakers

Power Cables

C19 power cord from 20A breaker to crypto miner, included for each miner optional C13 splitter cables

AWG: 14

Cables are fully rated for 250 Volt / 15 Amp applications

Equipment racks included
Networking routers switches
Ubiquiti Unifi Network
Ubiquiti Unifi Network
Ubiquiti Unifi Network
Soundproofing and thermal insulation of walls, ceiling, floor
Length, Width, Height in feet
40 x 8 x 9’8”
20 x 8 x 9’8”
20 x 8 x 8.5”
9,250 kg or 20,000 lbs
4,650 kg or 10,000 lbs
3,450 kg or 7,600 lbs
Video surveillance system Included
2 cameras inside plus 1 external
2 cameras inside plus 1 external
2 cameras inside plus 1 external
Cooling system
Automatic exhaust air system
Industrial grade exhaust fans
Air flow up to ft3 per minute
423, 000
211, 500
118, 000
Air filtering system
Humidity and temperature sensors
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Why choose our solution


You are no longer dependent on the cost of an energy source

EZ Smartboxes are fully mobile data centers, EZ to transport, each Smartbox is built meeting all ISO standards and meets all international public road transportation codes.

You may haul the mobile data center on a flatbed to any source of affordable electricity anywhere in the world.


Infrastructure investment is less risky and cost effective

Investing in a warehouse type crypto mining farm connected to the grid is twice more expensive and risky. Your local power provider may increase the rate of electricity or ban crypto mining in your area leaving all your infrastructure investment deadlocked.


Fully plug and play solution with management contract (Optional)

You are not only buying a mobile data center you are partnering with EZ Blockcahin, we can help you develop a full crypto mining project from scratch and add a full management of your crypto mining operation for a small monthly fee.

You will sleep well knowing our team provides 24/7 monitoring and management.


Comfortable terms and conditions

Contrary to the industry standards, we give very flexible terms of payment, the manufacturing starts after a down payment and you pay for the rest based on the progress of the manufacturing.

Fast installation


Smartbox Delivery

Smartbox mobile data center comes in 2 sizes, 20 ft container size unit and 40 ft container size unit.

Both units can be easily transported on a flatbed trailer with a truck capable to pull 10,000 lbs weight for Smartbox 1500 and 20,000 weight for Smartbox 3000.


Smartbox Site Preparation

Smartbox has to be installed on any leveled flat surface without debris. Temporary concrete pads may be put under th.

Smartbox for a more stable support in soft ground areas. Smartbox can also be fully operational on a trailer.


Smartbox offloading / installation

Every Smartbox is equipped with four hook points to attach a crane, so the Smartbox can be loaded and unloaded safely and easily.

Smartbox is loaded and offloaded with any crane capable to lift 5 tons for Smartbox 1500 and 10 tons for Smartbox 3000.


Smartbox connection

License electrician has to connect Smartbox to the transformer or to the generator using the cables. EZ Smartbox has the connection frame easily accessible from outside the electrical room.

Each Smartbox section has a 800 Amp breaker, Smartbox 1500 has 3 section, Smartbox 3000, 6-accordingly.






EZ Smartbox is a durable, structured steel frame and finished with high quality sandwich panels.

There are metal powder coated shelves inside

IT infrastructure

Our Smartbox is equipped with the newest internet infrastructure provided by Ubiquity as a standard.

The router has a built in firewall, each unit can have its own network security.

Ethernet cables are connected to each rack for EZ installation process

Electrical components

EZ Smartbox Inside electrical infrastructure is protected by high quality circuit breakers. There are at least three layers of surge and heat protections for the equipment inside.

EZ Smartbox copper wiring is designed for continuous operation with minimum power losses. Hyundai, ABB & Schneider Electric are the top choices for electrical circuit breakers in a standard Smartbox.

EZ Blockcahin provides a full setup and a start up guide and will send a tech support person to help to coordinate the installation of the Smartbox, travel expenses up to $1000 will be covered by the company.
Limited manufacturers warranty is provided for each electrical component of the unit. We keep stock of spare parts to be able to send the replacement


$85/KW all in

Warehouse crypto mining facility

Cost to build physical crypto mining infrastructure in the warehouse starts from $120/KW plus rent payments.

Smartbox crypto mining solution

Smartbox crypto mining infrastructure starts at $85/KW all in, 37.5% cheaper, which equals to more than ⅓ quicker ROI on the CAPEX infrastructure.

Low depreciation

Full scrap value after 10 years of value is still 50% of the whole infrastructure because of the high price of high quality electrical components.

Easy plug and play

Lead time from contract signed to delivery 8-12 weeks plug and play, ready to go.

Client-oriented terms of payment

Very comfortable client oriented terms of payment, you pay in stages based on the production progress. Special terms for larger long term projects with special financing options.

Produced in Europe

Our company produces Smartboxes in Estonia, near Tallin.

SmartBox selector

Type of miners
Make selection
  • 0 – 175
  • 175 – 360
  • 360 – 720
  • Other

EZ SmartBox finalized cases on the map

Northern Indiana
Company’s objective was to test a rapid deployment of the crypto mining project using multiple models of mobile data centers in remote area
Read case
Uinta Basin
Client’s goal was to eliminate flaring at their gas processing plant and monetize the flared gas in an alternative way by doing crypto mining onsite
Read case
Upstate NY
Power generation company was looking for the solution to diversify its revenue and build a demand response system that can consume power at the off peak hours.
Read case
Oil services company needed a solution to offer clients a better way to monetize their stranded natural gas.
Read case
Is cryptocurrency mining regulated?
Bitcoin to Come to America’s Oldest Bank

The custody bank plans to eventually treat digital currencies like any other asset

Bank of New York MellonCorp., the nation’s oldest bank, is making the leap into the market for bitcoin, a sign of broader acceptance of the once-fringe digital currency.

Mastercard is bringing crypto onto its network

Crypto digital assets are becoming a more important part of the payments world

People using cards to buy crypto assets, especially during Bitcoin's recent surge in value, and convert them to traditional currencies for spending.

PayPal Launches New Service Enabling Users to Buy Cryptocurrency

Will enable cryptocurrency as a funding source for digital commerce at its 26 million merchants

Paypal Receives conditional Bitlicense from New York State Department of Financial Services. The migration toward digital payments and digital representations of value continues to accelerate, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased interest in digital currencies from central banks and consumers.

Bitcoin mining is fully regulated by FinCen

Bitcoin mining is not considered money transmitting business according to FinCen memo of 2014

The user is free to use the mined virtual currency or its equivalent for the user’s own purposes, such as to purchase real or virtual goods and services for the user’s own use.

Case study All cases
upstate ny location

Power generation company was looking for the solution to diversify its revenue and build a demand response system that can consume power at the off peak hours.


EZ Blockcahin’s redesigned the mobile data center with a unique shelving system and airflow system to bring its capacity up to 2.5 MWs, installing 720 x Bitmain S17 type miners. Our engineering team had to design a separate electrical room built from scratch to make the work of the electrical operations team simpler and safer. The design of the mobile data center was divided in 6 separate sections, each had its own autonomous electrical surge protection infrastructure to operate each section independently.

Company’s team developed a simple from operations perspective but complex from engineering perspective filter louvers door in each section. This optimized the effort of changing filters on a constant basis, reducing the amount of labor hours needed to perform the work. 

Our HVAC engineers had to pick a special type of fan blades used for HVAC cooling system to minimize the sound output from the fans in a 100% mode. In addition a commercial VFD system was installed to optimize the fan RPM during night hours to minimize the noise when the temperature drops during the night.


in the media


Power-guzzling crypto miners racing to find cheaper energy sources

The EZ Smartbox solution that Gerasymovych's company offers also comes with a mobile 1.5-MW natural gas-fired generator. Crypto miners that use the EZ Smartbox pay a starting price of $75 per kW, not including the mining equipment.
Aug 11, 2021

This Utah oil producer was wasting natural gas. Now it uses it to mine cryptocurrency

EZ Blockchain provided two “miners,” which came in 30-foot-long boxes — called a Smartgrid Flaring Mitigation System — and adapted them to the site-specific needs at the Blue Hills plant. After four months of testing, the system went fully operational in February.
Jul 27, 2021

Bitcoin Mining Digging for E&P’s Natural Gas Gold in Lower 48

“Our goal is to monetize the gas as well as solve some of the environmental problems of leaking wells and flared gas,” said EZ Blockchain CEO Sergii Gerasymovych. The company uses excess natural gas to power its onsite bitcoin mining operations at several production sites throughout North America. “It’s not just a one-way road here…I do want the oil and gas producers to participate in this industry.”
Jun 25, 2021

EZ Blockchain Partners With Texas-Based Oil Provider to Monetize Wasted Natural Gas With Bitcoin

After the installation of Microbt Whatsminers, EZ Blockchain said that the project reached around 1 megawatt of power consumption. All of the power is “processed from 250 MCFd of stranded natural gas using a gas-electric generator,” the company’s blog post notes.
May 30, 2021

Oil drillers and Bitcoin miners bond over natural gas

In the case of Kirkwood, EZ Blockchain uses stranded natural gas to make Bitcoin, giving it all to Kirkwood. EZ Blockchain makes money by supplying equipment and mining services for a fee.
May 21, 2021


Companies like EZ Blockchain instead use gas to power Bitcoin mining. According to Gerasymovych, this cuts 20 to 30 percent of CO2 emissions, and up to 70 percent of other harmful substances like volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.
May 05, 2021

Frisco natural gas driller turns to Bitcoin mining to burn excess fuel

Silver Energy bought a cryptocurrency mining rig and is powering it with flared natural gas at a site outside Brooks, Alberta, in Canada.
May 04, 2021

Green Energy’s Never Been Bigger. This Fracking ETF Doesn’t Seem to Mind

Sergii Gerasymovych, the Founder of EZ Blockchain, found a way to utilize the fracking industry in a way that benefits Bitcoin. This, in turn, could help add a new or supplanting revenue stream for fracking companies.
Apr 09, 2021

The 2021 European Forbes 30 under 30 List – Manufacturing & Industry

Sergii Gerasymovych is an honouree of the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe.
Apr 08, 2021

Could Bitcoin Solve The Oil Flaring Problem?

EZ blockchain has recently set up five Bitcoin mines on gas sites, the latest in Utah with independent gas company Wesco Operating Inc. Other companies using the innovative solution include Crusoe Energy Systems Inc., which has introduced low-cost/no-cost ‘Digital Flare Mitigation’ programs with Bitcoin companies to put 20 data centers into action.
Apr 04, 2021

Could Bitcoin Solve The Oil Flaring Problem?

Sergii Gerasymovych, the owner of a Bitcoin mining company, EZ Blockchain, reached out to oil and gas companies a few years ago to no avail. But “The market conditions have changed,” he explained.
Apr 01, 2021

Fracking Companies Pivot to Mining Bitcoin as Pandemic Woes Continue to Bite

With that, turning to alternative revenue streams has become all the more appealing in recent times. Sergii Gerasymovych, the Founder of EZ Blockchain, spotted an opportunity to bring Bitcoin and the fracking industry together.
Apr 01, 2021

The pandemic is turning fracking companies into Bitcoin miners

In 2018, the global cryptocurrency market had crashed, and Sergii Gerasymovych was looking for a way to keep his Bitcoin mining company afloat. He eventually settled on a plan to make money while cleaning up two notoriously climate-polluting industries.
Mar 30, 2021

Cryptocurrency mining company eyes flared gas in Permian Basin

EZ Blockchain recently deployed a natural gas generator and a 40-foot container filled with more than 700 computer servers off the East Coast where a stranded source of natural gas is being used to generate roughly 2.5 megawatts of electricity.
Jun 23, 2020

Chicago Company Mines at Oil Wells, Educates Producers About Bitcoin

EZ Blockchain is a Chicago-based company designing and building data centers that can mine cryptocurrencies based on proof-of-work blockchains. It manufactures, deploys, and operates mobile units at oil and gas extracting facilities, which run on what would otherwise be totally wasted energy to mint digital coins.
Dec 06, 2019

Bitcoin Mining Helps Oil Companies Reduce Carbon Footprint

EZ Smartbox portable mining units are powered by gas-electric generators to convert associated gas into electricity used in data processing including crypto mining. The Chicago-based company has already delivered 13 mobile units to three locations, with 6 MWs under operation and 64 PH/s of hash power. To find out more about these operations and get further insights about the industry, contacted Sergii Gerasymovych, founder of EZ Blockchain.
Jul 19, 2019