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Proof of concept remote location running on the grid



Northern Indiana

Power connection

Power grid through local COOP


2 x 40 ft container units EZ Tanks,
1 x 30 Ft mobile data center Smartbox

Power consumption

1.1 MWs

Site power capacity

6 MWs

Time from idea to fully operational site

25 days

Installation time

2 days



In details


Directly contributed more than $500,000 per year to the local economy through purchases of local goods and services and electricity from the grid

EZ Blockchain employed local electrical contractors for the electrical engineering services and construction subcontractors.

We participated in local community social events educating 7th-grade kids about opportunities in the technology sector after graduation.

Local internet provider upgraded the main internet line to be able to provide internet to our site.

We opened entry-level tech jobs `

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Company’s objective was to test a rapid deployment of the crypto mining project using multiple models of mobile data centers in remote area.

Different types of mobile data centers were chosen to compare operational capacities of each mobile data center during all four seasons.


Main challenges were associated with remote location of the project.

The project goal was to be located as close as possible to the power source to save cost on connection and cables.

The substation was located in the farmland therefore the land lot had to be developed from scratch in the middle of the cornfield.

No internet connection, no electrical infrastructure.


EZ Blockchain carefully but quickly designed a project within a couple of days. We analyzed the internet provider market and decided to connect a cable internet with a cellular backup connection to achieve a fully redundant connection.

After consulting with local. We hired local contractors to level and develop the lot. The utility company was hired to install transformer infrastructure and connect to the grid.

All of the work was managed by the company project development and operations team.


Building bitcoin mining operations in remote locations has always been our passion. There are many areas with affordable power sources all around the US and the world. Those sources happen to be far from developed metropolitan areas and can be either in small towns or in far remote areas where there are abandoned manufacturing facilities or not fully utilized power grids.

By moving mobile data centers to such areas closer to the source of power, not only we can save costs on power but we can use bitcoin mining power consumption as a tool to balance the grid, utilize wasted energy and create more infrastructure for the future businesses.