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Crypto Mining
Hosting Services
by EZ Blockchain


Your Trusted Hosting Partner

Cost $0.065-$0.09 / KWH all-in

Our bitcoin mining company has worked since 2017, bootstrapping our business and mastering the science of saving $ for our clients in every aspect of bitcoin mining. We have 50 MW of power for our own projects and 50 MW under construction.

With the highest quality standards in the industry, our technicians have the expertise of Tier 3 and Tier 4 Data Center Standards, providing up to 97% uptime and the industry’s fastest project deployment. We have also designed our own automation processes to monitor the efficiency of mining to ensure consistent uptime.

Upwards of 65% of electricity in our new hosting locations comes from renewable energy sources such as gas, solar, wind, and nuclear power. We are also constantly searching for the best energy prices and provide energy rates of approximately $0.065-$0.09 all in.

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Creating the future of energy today

with Blockchain technologies

6 years

in Crypto Mining Industry


of energy is coming from renewable sources


of fully own US-Based mining locations


in progress

Avg. 97% uptime

For all mining locations

Air or Immersion

Bitcoin Mining data centers, Tier 3,4 service
working with

renewable energy





$30.6b is the approximate
coast flared natural gas
5.3t cubic feet of natural gas and ores
flared or vented annually
100GWdc increase of solar capacity
in the U.S. in 2021
42% annual growth rate
2-4¢ per kWh
Wind energy is
quite affordable
8% of total U.S. electricity
generation provided
by wind energy in 2020
2.6B kWh world’s total nuclear energy generation
92.7% average annual capacity factor

We work with oil and gas (OAG) producers to put their wasted energy to productive and profitable use.

Instead of spending an average $62,500 per year per flaring stack to burn off natural gas, we transform wasted gas into cryptocurrency on-site with no new infrastructure needed from the producer.

OAG producers’ compliance requirements are met instantly while they reduce or eliminate gas flaring, all at the same time a new revenue stream is born.

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We work with wasted solar energy to transform it into cryptocurrency and a new stream of revenue.

The solar industry has grown on average by 42% annually. Government initiatives to buy solar farms, however, haven’t given the same financing incentives to transmission and distribution systems.

Wasted solar energy is put to productive and profitable use by EZ Blockchain™. We set up our mobile data centers on-site to turn wasted energy into a new, predictable revenue stream.

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We work with wasted wind energy to transform it from a total loss into a new revenue stream in cryptocurrency.

Today, a total of 41 U.S.  states use wind energy. Though prices have dropped to 2-4 cents per kilowatt-hour, wind energy accounts for only 8% of U.S. electricity.

Turbines produce energy that goes wasted; transmission and distribution systems haven’t kept up with government-incentivized wind farms.

EZ Blockchain™ turns wasted energy into a profitable revenue stream right on-site.

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According to 2020 data from the Energy Information Administration, the world’s total nuclear energy generation was 2,6B kWh. It represents a 10.3% share of global electricity generation, with only 33 countries having nuclear power reactors.

EZ Blockchain™ leverages nuclear power supplies to bridge the gap between crypto mining activities and the environment.

We provide crypto mining hosting facilities with nuclear power in different tiers and power capacities ranging between 8 MW and 10 MW. Our solutions are strategically implemented to adhere to sustainability goals and environmental protection regulations

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2.6B kWh world’s total nuclear energy generation
92.7% average annual capacity factor

We are the thought leaders in the industry

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EZ Blockchain on a map

Main office, Chicago
311 S Wacker Drive, Suite 1410, Chicago, IL 60606
EZ Blockcahin is headquartered in Chicago, at home of commodities trading, a few blocks from the largest Bitcoin futures trading exchange.
[email protected] +1 (888) 890-15-16
Northern Indiana
Company’s objective was to test a rapid deployment of the crypto mining project using multiple models of mobile data centers in remote area
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Uinta Basin
Client’s goal was to eliminate flaring at their gas processing plant and monetize the flared gas in an alternative way by doing crypto mining onsite
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Upstate NY
Power generation company was looking for the solution to diversify its revenue and build a demand response system that can consume power at the off peak hours.
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One client’s problem their available tech had not yet solved, however, was that of natural gas flaring (and the subsequent opportunity loss to their oil field clients).
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Ranger I, Georgia
We not only directly invested half one million dollars into the economic system hiring solely native contractors plus we also created seven full-time well-paying tech jobs with a further seven jobs being staffed as we speak.
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Ranger II, Georgia
Ranger II is a continuation of the partnership between the City and EZ Blockchain and the 2nd of three planned sites within the City. This partnership allows the City to utilize its energy capability that would otherwise sit idle.
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Coffee I, Georgia
The goal of the project was to generate jobs and revenue for the local community and to do it in such a way that we were not a bother to the community.
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Flower I, Kansas
The goal of the project was to establish a good working relationship with a miner manufacturer and work with wasted wind energy to transform it into a new revenue stream in cryptocurrency.
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Watford City
The goal of the project was to lower the carbon footprint of the oil producer by using their excess gas to run generators that in turn power our Smartboxes™.
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Houston office, Texas
5177 Richmond ave, Houston, TX, 77056
Our houston office brings new technological solutions to OAG industry and other energy companies
[email protected] +1 (888)-890-1516
Berry I, South Carolina
One of the most critical project objectives was to generate jobs and revenue for the local community, especially the new tech-savvy generation (Gen Z), alongside developing mining projects in South Carolina…
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All facilities

The goal of the project was to establish a good working relationship with a miner manufacturer and work with wasted wind energy to transform it into a new revenue stream in cryptocurrency.


EZ Blockcahin’s redesigned the mobile data center with a unique shelving system and airflow system to bring its capacity up to 2.5 MWs, installing 720 x Bitmain S17 type miners. Our engineering team had to  design a separate electrical room built from scratch to make the work of the electrical operations team simpler and safer. The design of the mobile data center was divided in 6 separate sections, each had its own autonomous electrical surge protection infrastructure to operate each section independently. 

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10 MW Site power capacity
10 days From idea to a fully
operational site
We help energy companies sell every kilowatt of their unused energy

We understand that sometimes, power plants generate more power than they can handle. EZ Blockchain provides a comprehensive grid balancing service that helps power plants generate optimal amounts of energy while selling unused energy for the best price. Our technological solutions, such as “Smartgrid™”, allow us to tap into unused energy and use it for Bitcoin mining.

Our Bitcoin mining company manufactures mobile mining containers that are easy to deploy and install, so you can push your plant to its maximum power generation potential as quickly as within a month.

Our grid balancing methodology is highly specialized and helps us identify when the energy in the grid is going unused and turn our miners on. We also work closely with local municipalities to ensure we have a good reputation, as well as successful case studies demonstrating how our services have benefitted local communities.

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we have our own
bitcoin mining container production
your choice:
air or immersion cooling
Data centers produced and delivered
Multistate diversified operations
MW of our own running capacity
Offices in Chicago, Houston

Creating the Future
of energy today
with blockchain technologies

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