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EZ Blockchain Careers
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EZ Blockchain Careers

Energetic team
Our diverse team of energetic individuals is the most valuable asset of the organization.
Challenging tasks - creative approach
Building a startup always requires thinking outside the box to solve problems in a fast-paced environment.
Open door policy
Every manager’s door is open to discuss any important topic that matters to our team members.
Innovative industry - growth opportunities
Distributed computing, blockchain mining, and microgrids are the main elements of our business.
Benefits at EZ Blockchain
Comprehensive Health coverage
Enroll in health, dental, vision insurance, EZ Blockchain will cover fully or partially premiums for you and your family members.
Paid Vacation
All employees will have paid vacation and flexible PTO.
Signing Bonus
Each incoming team member will receive a signing bonus after successfully onboarding to the team.
Maternity and Paternity Leave
Your family is very important, taking maternity and paternity leave must be a smooth and stress free.
Remote work flexibility
Our team is distributed, working from home is an option.
Sergii Gerasymovych

Crypto is passion, not a job

EZ Blockchain innovates in digital economy caring about the environment.
We support proof-of-work blockchains by investing in distributed blockchain mining solutions using wasted energy.
Sergii Gerasymovych CEO, Co-Founder of EZ Blockchain

Hiring process

  • Application review

    After the candidate submits the application, it gets into our system for review. After reviewing the application our talent specialists reach out to you. It's always preferable to write a cover letter to go with your application
  • Initial phone call conversation

    One of the EZ Blockchain recruiting team members will schedule a quick 15 minute call to get to know you better and tell you a bit more about our company.
  • In person/video interview

    After the initial conversation, we will set up a meeting either in person or via a video call to go over your experience and skills. The interview comprises two parts: generic questions and situational questions. It will take no more than 1.5 hours.
  • Home assignment

    Depending on the position you are applying for, there may be a home assignment to help better understand your skills.
  • Offer letter

    After you complete all the steps successfully, we invite you to join EZ Blockchain on a journey of building great things!
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