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Behind the meter power plant Bitcoin mining
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Behind the meter power plant Bitcoin mining



Upstate NY

Site power capacity

100+ MWs
Behind the meter power plant Bitcoin mining


photo process Behind the meter power plant Bitcoin mining
photo process Behind the meter power plant Bitcoin mining
photo process Behind the meter power plant Bitcoin mining

In details


The power plant could generate power more efficiently by utilizing Bitcoin mining farm as a battery to balance the load. 

The power plant began to utilize its electrical infrastructure with higher capacity, increasing the consistent supply to the grid. 

Multiple tech jobs had been opened, which diversified the local labor market

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A power generation company was looking for a solution to diversify its revenue and build a demand response system that could consume power at the off-peak hours.


The company had strict electrical and sound level requirements at the property line. The area had a lot of dust because of the windy conditions. The operational facilities were designed to install high density load mobile data centers.


EZ Blockchain redesigned the mobile data center with a unique shelving system and airflow system to bring its capacity up to 2.5 MWs, installing 720 x Bitmain S17 type miners. Our engineering team had to design a separate electrical room built from scratch to make the work of the electrical operations team simpler and safer. The design of the mobile data center was divided into 6 separate sections, each having its own autonomous electrical surge protection infrastructure to operate each section independently.

The company’s team developed a simple from an operational perspective but complex from an engineering perspective filter louver door in each section. This optimized the effort of changing filters on a constant basis, reducing the amount of labor hours needed to perform the work. 

Our HVAC engineers had to pick a special type of fan blades used for the HVAC cooling system to minimize the sound output from the fans in a 100% mode. In addition, a commercial VFD system was installed to optimize the fan RPM during night hours to minimize the noise when the temperature drops during the night.


Installing the crypto mining facility before the meter is a complicated task. Every Industrial scale generation facility has strict rules and regulations to meet. The EZ team had to be very flexible and take a creative approach to deliver the required product on time

The company continued providing tech support for the project after installation of the Bitcoin mining farm. In general, it was a unique experience working directly with a power provider right at the source of power.


Dale Irvin

EZ Blockchain is a great partner to work with. After purchasing our first Smartbox™ 2500, the company provided excellent product support at deployment and during the operation. Their team has experience in crypto mining on the grid, off grid and behind the meter, and as a result the Bitcoin mining mobile data centers are built meeting any crypto miner’s expectations.

Smartbox™ itself is a high-end product, which has both operational flexibility and high electrical capacity. Separating the electrical room from rack space is a great operational move, which our engineers and operational technicians appreciated a lot.

Dale Irvin
Greenidge Generation LLC