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EZ Blockchain Introduces Its Immersion Cooling Crypto Mining Container to the Market

EZ Blockchain, a full-service crypto mining company, is ready to introduce its new immersion data center to the market. 

EZ Smartbox 1500i - Immersion liquid cooling crypto mining container
EZ Smartbox 1500i - Immersion liquid cooling crypto mining container

Houston, TX: Although EZ Blockchain started as a provider of data center hosting solutions, it is now on a mission to solve the global waste energy problem by providing scalable solutions to the energy sector. 

The company aims to save the environment using sustainable energy alternatives without compromising on benefits for all partners.

To further this mission, EZ Blockchain invested extensively in engineering research and development to create its liquid cooling mobile data center. 

Although there were supply chain issues and delays in the production of the components, the company is proud to announce that the unit has gone through a testing stage and the product is ready for mass production.

In addition, EZ Blockchain is ready to open its doors to outside customers by introducing its recent product – SmartBox 1500i. This engineering breakthrough has a 20ft container footprint while being a lightweight data center capable of operating up to 288 of the newest generation cryptocurrency miners with the electrical infrastructure that gives hash rate increase up to 40%.

This scalable solution has numerous benefits like significant noise reduction, lower operational costs, longer equipment lifespan, and 10x the heat rejection capacity compared to air cooling crypto-mining containers

When talking about the new product, Sergii Gerasymovych, the CEO and Co-Founder of EZ Blockchain is enthusiastic about the product. He said:

” Our team of engineers has spent a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out how to make this immersion cooling mobile data center efficient, affordable, operationally seamless, and scalable. Finally, we can not only grow our operations in hot climates such as Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma but also provide a viable solution to other market participants”. 

The company plans to release 10-15 MW worth of mobile data centers to the market monthly. The pre-orders are already open, and the team is excited to serve clients. 


EZ Smartbox 1500i - Immersion liquid cooling crypto mining container
EZ Blockchain is an innovative company that believes in the utilization of waste energy and that solving associated with gas flaring and stranded gas problems is a true win-win for both the energy and crypto industries.

The company’s mission is to breach the gap between the energy sector and the blockchain ecosystem by innovative solutions to the global waste energy problems. At EZ Blockchain, crypto mining is transformed through the introduction of immersion cooling containers as well as solar and wind crypto mining services.

EZ Smartbox 1500i - Immersion liquid cooling crypto mining container
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