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Sergii Gerasymovych was honored with the “TOP 100 USA Entrepreneurs with Ukrainian Origin” Award.

EZ Blockchain™, a leading provider of sustainable data center hosting solutions for high density computing such as proof-of-work blockchain also known as crypto mining, is proud to announce that its CEO, Sergii Gerasymovych was honored with the prestigious “TOP 100 USA Entrepreneurs with Ukrainian Origin” award.

The event was a remarkable evening filled with celebration and inspiration. Ukrainian entrepreneurs were recognized and commended for their exceptional achievements in fostering job creation and making a positive impact on the American business landscape. From groundbreaking tech startups to impactful philanthropic endeavors, their success stories served as a testament to their dedication and ingenuity.

Another remarkable highlight of the event was the launch of “Pages of Triumph: A Book of 100 Success Stories”. This compilation provides an intimate look at the incredible achievements of 100 Ukrainian-American entrepreneurs. It serves as a testament to their relentless drive, innovative mindset, and unshakeable resolve, narrating how they have etched their successful journeys in the world of business. The book not only honors their triumphant ventures, but also aims to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, demonstrating that with determination and creativity, they too, could leave their indelible mark.

Sergii Gerasymovych had this to say about his recognition:

“I am humbled and grateful to have been chosen for this incredible honor. It means so much to me personally and professionally. I could not have achieved this milestone without the amazing team at EZ Blockchain™ who are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative technology solutions.”



Since its inception in 2017, EZ Blockchain™ has emerged as an industry innovator, advancing blockchain technology through tailored data center hosting solutions for crypto miners. Under the leadership of Sergii Gerasymovych, EZ Blockchain™ is poised for even greater strides in 2023 and beyond. With a focus on research and development, the company stays ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape, while prioritizing excellent customer service. As EZ Blockchain™ expands its product suite, it remains dedicated to innovation and global market growth.

A noteworthy aspect of EZ Blockchain™’s operational ethos is its commitment to sustainable practices and green initiatives. The company recognizes the environmental implications of blockchain technologies and crypto mining, and is actively taking steps towards mitigating these effects. By incorporating energy-efficient strategies in its data center designs and actively exploring renewable energy sources, EZ Blockchain™ is not only leading the way in the blockchain industry, but also contributing to the global efforts to combat climate change. This dedication to sustainability demonstrates the company’s responsibility and foresight, reinforcing its position as an industry pioneer.

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