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Marketing Executive
Stan B.

Stan’s vast experience spans 15-years and more than 25,000 hours in the realms of PPC, SMM, SEO marketing consulting, web development, marketing architecture and project management, UX and design analytics.

As a marketing executive at EZ Blockchain, Stan is on a mission to use the best marketing practices to solve wasted energy problems as well as decreasing carbon emissions in the world and making crypto mining more sustainable. For 2 years Stan and his team were bootstrapping EZ Blockchains' marketing mainly based on organic tactics (articles, podcasts, design, conferences, SEO, partnerships with other crypto mining companies and influencers) and very limited paid ads.

As of 2022, EZ Blockchain became one of the most popular mining container production company on Google and the thought leader in the community of crypto miners featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Bitcoin.com, Reuters, Nasdaq and hundreds of other media channels and podcasts.

Stan B.
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