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Crypto Mining Boom: EZ Blockchain Expands Their Hosting Capacity with a New Site in South Carolina

Bitcoin mining leader EZ Blockchain has expanded its operations with the launch of Berry II, a new hosting facility in South Carolina. This project builds upon the success of Berry I, which has been operational for over a year.

With Berry II, EZ Blockchain unveils an additional 16 MW of hosting capacity in its strategic effort to meet the growing customer demand for additional hosting services.

“At EZ Blockchain, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers,” said Pete Valela, Sales Director. “The launch of Berry II is a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch hosting solutions and staying ahead of the curve in this dynamic market.”

EZ Blockchain has been pursuing organic growth to meet its growing demand for hosting services and increased its capacity across its network of sites to 60 MW. The company develops locations to provide hosting services for Bitcoin mining operations. Berry II aims to increase the capacity of what they are already doing in multiple other locations, with the goal of adding 40 MW of mining capacity in 2024.

The company continually looks for new locations to expand its existing sites with additional power and hosting capacity. Like Berry I, Berry II will serve clients in South Carolina, with more hosting capacity built on the same process and procedure just 5 minutes away. 

Berry II will run on a combination of nuclear and solar power, aligning with EZ Blockchain’s focus on renewable energy sources.

Building on the success of Berry I, Berry II is positioned to be a win-win project for EZ Blockchain and its clients and partners. The company has been growing a relationship with and partnering with the power provider, New Berry Electric Corporation, ensuring a mutually beneficial collaboration.

With a proven track record and a customer-centric approach, EZ Blockchain continues to expand its footprint, offering scalable and reliable hosting solutions for Bitcoin mining operations worldwide.

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