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EZ Blockchain opens a new mobile data center site

Chicago, IL: This week, the blockchain technology service company EZ Blockchain opened a new mobile data center site 1.5-hour drive from Chicago. The site is located in Hamlet, IN in the industrial park area and is optimized for blockchain technology. The close of the Q3 2018 brought the data center’s official opening after collaboration with both the local government and utility company to build new infrastructure to support the data center. Local Starke County officials worked with EZ Blockchain and the electricity provider to build out systems that that will not only support the mobile data center site but the local community for years to come.

The new location, comprised of three data centers, is projected to deploy up to 3 megawatts (MW) of power — but has the capacity for 6 MW. The local infrastructure developed to support this was the fruit of a collaboration with the Starke County Economic Development Foundation. EZ Blockchain made significant investments into this infrastructure with the confidence that it would provide for the community as well.

Starke County officials and local utility company representatives agree that this site’s installation is going to be an exciting and profitable addition to the industrial park area around Hamlet.

The local press covered the development of this mobile data center site when work was underway, and now the site is up and running. The sub-station at the location offers the power to invite investors and collaborators, including leaders in cryptocurrency mining, to rent within the space. And with specific optimization for blockchain technology, the new bitcoin mining trailer is designed to maximize blockchain hardware to keep mining costs lower.EZ Blockchain will be building more locations like this around the U.S. using renewable energy and will continue to model the rising relevance of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in the market.

EZ Blockchain’s new data center site also means a handful of new jobs for local Starke County residents. In rural Indiana, a stone’s throw away from Chicago, the site has stirred excitement and interest for those involved or interested in blockchain technology. Ongoing developments in cryptocurrencies have investors poised to participate, and now, EZ Blockchain’s new site has risen to answer.

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