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HASHR8 Podcast– An Interview with Sergii Gerasymovych

Who are the experts in a new market? How are they identified? As bitcoin and cryptocurrency continue to grow with greater social and economic impacts, what does it take to become an expert in those fields? Sergii Gerasymovych from EZ Blockchain guides us on his path from linguist to mining expert on this episode of the HASHR8 podcast.
August 24, 2020

New Frontiers

When new fields and disciplines emerge and begin to take form, it’s up to ambitious and driven pioneers to carve the way towards mastery. It’s these pioneers that formulate a path for others to follow afterwards. 

This has been true in just about any discipline that comes to mind—even something as familiar as honey was once uncharted territory, and the first beekeepers were a diverse arrangement of people specialized in other things before it. Charles Butler, often dubbed “the Father of English Beekeeping,” made extraordinary advances in the discipline while he was professionally working as a logician and grammarist.

Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency are no different today, and the experts who are paving the way have foundations in diverse and separate fields. Sergii Gerasymovych, for example, is a linguist by formation and a Blockchain leader and bitcoin mining expert by trade. 


From Linguistics to Mining

An important lesson to learn and to never forget is that, while some things seem to share no relation to one another, just about everything is connected in some way. 

In the same way, we might not always see the paths that are laid out ahead of us—but they’re always there to take us to the next step, even if that next step takes us in a completely unexpected direction. 

This was Sergii’s path towards cryptocurrency. As a young child, his love for reading and learning new languages set him on the path to take this learning to the next level, eventually going to university to study linguistics. 

Linguistics, of course, naturally lends itself to transcending borders, both in occupation and in literal borders. In Sergii’s case, this led to working in translation and then in imports and exports, which by chance (and good fortune) set him along the path to crypto. 

Exploration of the market and its development would come to show that, while Sergii might have been late to break into a good chunk of the crypto industry, it was not too late to discover and an important solution to energy production for mining. Harnessing what would otherwise be energy plants’ wasted energy, small-scale electricity production becomes a viable and less expensive energy source that led Sergii to become a prominent player in the industry. 


Learn more about Sergii’s path to crypto and the careful inner workings of the industry by listening to the full HASHR8 episode - here


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