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Cryptocurrency mining is an emerging industry that has undergone massive growth since the first bitcoin was mined. As a sector, the crypto mining industry has experienced explosive development and is expected to reach $5.2 billion by 2028. But the question remains: Is it possible to earn in the mining industry without being a miner? What are the tech or engineering jobs available? Can you still profit from the mining industry? If any of these questions resonate with you, then you're in the right place. This article will guide you through the job options available in the mining industry, their requirements, and even the advantages that various companies offer. Let's dive in.

Cryptocurrency job trends
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The cryptocurrency mining industry has a lot to offer to individuals with certain skill sets. 

Before we proceed, it is important to note that network admin workers can easily transition into the Blockchain. Personnel like Network Administrators, Software Administrators, and IT systems administrators can take quick training programs or courses which will equip them for high-paying jobs in the Cryptocurrency mining industry. 

Some of the technical or engineering jobs available in the mining industry are:

Data Center Electrician

If you’re a master electrician well versed in the installing, repairing, and servicing of electrical systems, then this job is perfect for you. 

The job requirements include the ability to read blueprints, use diagnostic tools and make excellent decisions under pressure. Being a master electrician involves installing and connecting mobile data centers, sourcing or fabricating replacement electrical components, testing, and troubleshooting systems, and lastly, liaising with clients, vendors, and other electricians.

Data Center Technician

The responsibilities of a data center engineer include monitoring systems operations, administering IT solutions, and managing information systems at data centers.

A data center technician is to install heavy servers, oversee the running of data cables, perform the basic repair of faulty equipment and devices, and use DCIM Software for ASIC configuration. 

This job option is perfect for individuals who have good computer skills, experience with switches, routers, and servers, and the ability to explain complex technical processes.

This job role comes in various levels ranging from tier 1 to tier 4.

Tier 1: 

A Tier 1 Data Center engineer is expected to perform general daily maintenance of infrastructure, monitor operations, and assess the system’s performance. Technicians at this level perform basic troubleshooting and basic break/fix procedures.

Tier 2: 

A Tier 2 Data Center engineer is responsible for planning and upgrading infrastructure, evaluating new technologies, and troubleshooting failed equipment. Technicians at this level are proficient in break/fix diagnosis.

Tier 3: 

Individuals in this role are responsible for leading operations and maintenance of data centers. This role requires technical expertise, personal accountability, and flawless execution. 

Tier 4: 

This role involves overseeing operations and management of services, creating and deploying new standard practices, and conducting analysis of critical facility operations. This role is also expected to act as a supervisory role, overseeing other engineers and leading by example and in practice.

All data center engineers are expected to have an awareness of critical environment operating practices and protocols. 

Data Center Supervisor

The responsibilities of a data center supervisor include developing procedures to standardize ASIC stability and managing a team of technicians as needed. 

For this role, business, organizational, and leadership skills are often required.

Network Engineer

Network engineers are expected to design system configurations, manage the installation of a new network and maintain existing systems.

They are required to have practical knowledge of networks like Arista and Ubiquity, optimize network performance and perform configuration of cryptocurrency miners.

Network Engineers are also required to observe ASIC health, maintain ASIC upkeep and ensure the stability of ASIC rigs.

Tech Support Engineers

The individual is expected to generate technical documentation, collect data, analyze statistics, and generate support tools in this role.

The ability to analyze problems with a flexible and creative approach and excellent communication skills will be a big advantage in this role. Also, general knowledge of mining and IT is required.

Other crypto jobs

Now that we have discussed the more technical jobs in cryptocurrency let’s move on to a different category of job opportunities available.

Blockchain Developers

The role of a blockchain developer is to design, implement, and distribute a secure blockchain-based network. 

These individuals are expected to possess extensive knowledge of programming languages used for blockchain development, such as C++, Java, and Solidity, as well as years of experience in cryptography. 

Also, they are expected to create application features and interfaces using programming languages. In addition, they optimize the security of various blockchain applications and integrate new tools and technologies.

Web Designers

A web designer is responsible for creating the design and layout of a website or web pages. Although this job role is different from a web developer, both roles often overlap. 

Individuals fulfilling this role are expected to have expertise in programming languages such as HTML and Javascript, create user-oriented products, and integrate recent software developments. 

Crypto Marketers

The job description rose out of a need to create publicity around certain projects. Crypto marketers are expected to build brand awareness, increase customer satisfaction and improve sales and profits. 

Marketers often work alongside content writers to release informative articles for the public in the crypto space. Also, crypto marketers are expected to have a marketing strategy across all project’s social media platforms. 

We have highlighted many of the technical jobs available for individuals in the mining industry. But wait! There’s more. Let’s move on to the advantages that these jobs offer.

Content Writers

This role is referred to as a non-technical job in tech. It involves the generation and publishing of various types of content. Content writing serves as a marketing tool to advertise a company and its products. The requirements include understanding technical aspects, developing content for websites and social media, and researching industry-related topics.


Although technical jobs cover a wide range of requirements and duties, they all have certain advantages. Some of the perks of technical jobs in the mining industry are: 

High Salary: 

This is a major advantage of technical jobs in crypto mining. These jobs offer higher wages compared to their equivalent in other industries.

Also, the need for individuals with specialized knowledge makes financial incentives higher in this sector. The price offerings for various roles range from roughly $80,000 to $131k for various roles.

These jobs have huge potential for financial reward for individuals with the required skill set.

Career Growth: 

Another advantage of technical jobs in the room for growth. 

Similar to regular jobs, individuals can continuously upgrade their skill set, gain more experience and eventually apply for higher-paying positions. Also, it is often easy to transition from one career in crypto mining to another. With constant growth and practical knowledge, there is no limit to the heights one can reach career-wise. 


The importance of a flexible schedule cannot be over-emphasized. Although most technical jobs require on-site presence, a few are completely remote. Jobs like content writing require hardly any office presence and can be done from anywhere globally. This means you can travel and work. Amazing! 

In addition, the other technical jobs that aren’t completely remote are far more flexible than regular 9-5 jobs. 

Now it’s clear that there are many job opportunities in crypto mining and that they have amazing features to offer. But that’s not all. Let’s explore some companies offering these jobs and their requirements. Let’s continue. 


As the cryptocurrency mining industry continues to evolve, companies are looking to harness its potential. To do this, they often hire individuals with the needed specialized knowledge; in other words, they’re looking for people like you. Below are some of the companies hiring for technical jobs:


Although it was established in 2018, this company is already top-class in the Bitcoin mining industry. EZ Blockchain is on a mission to solve the global waste energy problem with the help of crypto mining. It is an energy-oriented tech company that connects the energy industry with the digital assets industry. In this innovative company, individuals that can handle challenging tasks with creative approaches are always welcome.

Some open positions are master electrician, data center technician, network engineer, data center site supervisor, and content writer. EZ Blockchain offers a number of benefits for its workers. They include: 

  • Comprehensive health package including dental and vision. 
  • Paid vacations 
  • Crypto and signing bonuses 
  • Commuter benefits and remote work flexibility 
  • Maternity and parental leave. 

Crusoe Energy

Crusoe is a company dedicated to providing oil and gas companies with a fast, low-cost, and simple solution to natural gas flaring. 

Its mission is to eliminate routine flaring of natural gas and reduce the cost of cloud computing. They achieve this by repurposing otherwise wasted energy to fuel the growing demand for computational power.

Crusoe is constantly on the lookout for passionate and talented individuals. Some of the options for technical jobs include Network engineer, Senior electrical engineer, field operations technician, and software engineer. 

Some of the benefits they offer their workers are health insurance packages, paid life insurance, and industry-competitive pay. 

Compass Mining

Compass is a Bitcoin-first company on a mission to help more people learn, explore, and mine Bitcoin. They believe in the Bitcoin mining industry and its potential to positively impact millions of people. Compass Mining aims to strengthen Bitcoin’s network by retailing the ability and access to own bitcoin mining hardware and hosting it at the best facilities around the world.

Some of the career opportunities in this company are engineering director, tech support engineer, mining operations technician, and director of site development. 

They offer unlimited paid time off, hospital insurance, and a competitive salary. Compass is always looking for professionals with proven success, effective communication, and quick adaptability. 

There is no shortage of companies and jobs in this emerging billion-dollar industry. Individuals with the required skill set have endless opportunities in this space. 

There is no better time to get into this industry. The crypto mining industry is on a journey of explosive growth. 


For highly motivated individuals with knowledge and experience, the industry is theirs for the taking. 

EZ Blockchain is looking to hire creative individuals who adapt quickly and think outside the box. We hired over 100 tech experts within a year. 

Our mission is to breach the gap between the energy sector and the blockchain ecosystem by innovative solutions to the global waste energy problems. We revolutionize crypto mining by introducing our immersive cooling container and solar and wind crypto mining services.

EZ Blockchain is an innovative company that believes in utilizing waste energy and that solving problems associated with gas flaring and stranded gas problems is a true win-win for both the energy and crypto industries.

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