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West Point City’s Job Boom: EZ Blockchain Harnesses Wasted Energy for Bitcoin Mining

The West Point City Council recently greenlit its 2024 budget, setting it at a notable $28,433,382, marking a $6,973,707 increase from the previous year. This substantial rise is attributed to enhanced tax and utility revenues. Notably, the tax revenue boost stems from the expiration of PILOT (Payment In Lieu Of Tax) incentive programs for some automotive industries in the area.

A significant contributor to the increased utility revenue is EZ Blockchain, a crypto mining company that has become the city’s largest utility customer since its arrival in 2020. With this expanded budget, West Point plans to add eight new staff positions across various departments, including general government, police, fire/EMS, public works, 911/Communications, and utilities.

The budget also allocates funds for new equipment and vehicles, including a loader truck, an ambulance, a digger derrick truck for the utilities/electric department, police cruisers, and general service vehicles. Despite holding public hearings on the budget, the city received no public comments.

The 2024 budget encompasses various sectors, including a General Fund of $8,634,800, an Electric budget of $12,543,840, and allocations for Water & Sewer, Gas, E-911, SPLOST, and Sanitation. Additionally, it includes a 6% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for employees.


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