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EZ Blockchain expands its facilities to 16 MWs in Georgia by tapping into underutilized energy on the grid

Atlanta, GA - EZ Blockchain brought online its 2nd project to transform underutilized energy into crypto mining in West Point, GA. The full-service green crypto mining company is expanding its data center operations in West Point, by doubling its capacity from 8MWs to 16 MWs.

West point, GA, EZ Blockchain

EZ Blockchain is using the underutilized energy capability allotted to the town that would otherwise be sitting idle. The company invested in total of over $1 million into the area to tap into this energy, hiring only local contractors. Additionally, EZ Blockchain created 8 full-time and well-paying tech jobs, 

The company partnered with the city of West Point for the 8 MW expansion project in December 2021, a project that includes an additional four EZ Blockchain mobile data centers expected to be operational in mid-spring. By May 2022, the company finished deployment by bringing online the suggested capacity.

Speaking about the project’s success, EZ Blockchain CEO and Co-founder Sergii Gerasymovych expressed his excitement with the support and collaboration of the city officials, the economic development department, and the utility department.

“We are happy to work with the local community, economic development authority, and city of West Point to increase our presence in Georgia. Capturing underutilized emmission-free power capacity in the grid has been a long-time part of our mission. We are happy to bring a consistent load to this part of this country,” Gerasymovych said.

West point, GA, EZ Blockchain

The project has been a win-win for all parties. EZ Blockchain invested an additional $0.5 million in the local economy’s goods and services, which further helped the local community generate extra revenue and jobs.

“The City of West Point is pleased to have EZ Blockchain located in our community. Sergii and his team have become the largest electric utility customer on the city electric system. The company has two locations in the city and hired local staff right away as the project started up several months ago. EZ Blockchain is a good addition to our community and our electric utility” Ed Moon, the City manager told.

Over 60% of electricity powering the EZ Blockchain data center campus in West Point, Georgia, are from emmision-free resources, primarily from nuclear power. The company is focused on increasing its growth in the West Point, GA, to 24 MW total by adding another 8 MW of capacity by the end of the year. This project is EZ Blockchain’s first site open to other clients, where the company leases the space in its mobile container-like data centers. Explore more about modern crypto mining alternatives.

West point, GA, EZ Blockchain
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