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EZ Blockchain Opening a Houston, TX Office to Target Wasted Natural Gas in Permian Basin

With new Immersion Cooling Mobile data center. The company answers calls that come from oil and gas producers in the Permian Basin wanting to eliminate gas flaring and wasted gas.

Houston, TX: EZ Blockchain made its shift to an energy focus three years ago and now demand is taking the company south to Texas

Recruiting has already begun in the Houston area to staff the new EZ Blockchain office. The first team members will be hired to the business development, technical, human resources, project engineering, and environmental teams.

“Houston is a home to hundreds of oil and gas exploration and service companies,” said Sergii Gerasymovych, CEO of EZ Blockchain. “It’s the place to be if we really want to provide a scalable solution to the energy sector.”

See open positions HERE.

Next Steps

Mass production of the new mobile data centers with immersion cooling will start in September 2021. Most of the data centers already produced by EZ Blockchain will be used for the company’s internal deployments, and only a small portion will be allocated to strategic crypto mining partners

The rollout of the new Houston office is already underway to ensure the right team is in place when the company begins installing new mobile data centers.

  Click HERE to read the full press release.

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