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EZ Blockchain Wins the 2022 Big Bow Award in Kansas

Chicago, IL: EZ Blockchain wins the 2022 Big Bow Award at the Big Bow Award Program. The program that recognizes and honors the best of business crowned EZ Blockchain the 2022 winner in the Manufacturer category.

EZ Blockchain Wins the 2022 Big Bow Award

EZ Blockchain has been creating job opportunities in small local rural communities through its projects in locations like Georgia, North Dakota, Northern Indiana, Alberta, and Upstate New York. It helped the local communities in these locations realize additional revenues from underutilized resources, and the company has now been rewarded for its work.

The Chicago-based green crypto mining company is the first winner published on the program’s website at the moment, with the entire list of winners expected to be published on the website once all of the recipients are contacted.

EZ Blockchain Wins the 2022 Big Bow Award

The Big Bow Award Program aims to support and offer public recognition of the contributions of businesses and organizations in and around Big Bow. As one of the winners, EZ Blockchain will now enjoy the benefits of winning the award competition, including strategic value, free publicity, and sales tools that can aid in closing deals.

Since its founding date in 2017, EZ Blockchain has consistently followed its objective of tackling the global waste energy problem through crypto mining. The company has made several evolutionary innovations, including a mobile mining Smartbox™, immersion cooling technology, a flaring mitigation solution, and a grid balancing solution.

EZ Blockchain Wins the 2022 Big Bow Award

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