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Sell Every Megawatt of Your Unused Energy with EZ Blockchain

Power plants and utility companies 

• Have a huge problem with power load balancing.

• Generate more power than their grids can handle.

• Have difficulty predicting their revenues, or they cannot pay off their power plant debts on time.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you struggling with sending power during negative pricing periods or losing tax credits by not sending power to the grid?

West point, GA, EZ Blockchain





Sell Your Wasted Energy with EZ Blockchain

At EZ Blockchain we buy all your excess energy.
Use it for crypto mining.
We are always available to buy your excess energy.

West point, GA, EZ Blockchain

Earn More Profits
Sell unused energy for a price.
Keep your investors confident
Restore the confidence in your energy.
Energy investors.

Avoid losing tax credits
Earn all tax credits by producing to the full capacity.

Generate more energy
Push your plants to the maximum output.

We are a clean energy solution with customers waiting to power their businesses using renewable energy. Our customers range from companies and global community groups that run energy-intensive applications for crypto mining, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing.


We Follow A Simple Process

Most data centers need to be powered 99.9% of the time. Requires loads of energy to cool. Use power-hungry, heavy-duty generators. Demand strong internet connections with huge bandwidths to support their real-time apps.


  1. You generate your renewable energy
  2. We buy your excess megawatts
  3. We use that extra energy to power our data centers 
  4. Sell clean computing to our customers. 

West point, GA, EZ Blockchain

We are always looking to provide the best industry prices, and we believe $0.07-$0.08 per kilowatt-hour is a competitive price at the moment.

EZ Blockchain Data Centers

• Are expensive to build and run. Take months to years to set up and occupy large tracts of land to get everything above. • At EZ Blockchain, our EZ Smartboxes are fully mobile data centers. They are easy to transport. We simply haul our data centers to the site.

• The data centers are our fifth iteration. Meet ISO standards. Reflect on our experience building previous data center iterations.


• We have different models. SB3000 is our most recent. It is a 40ft data center with a 768 miners capacity of 3.5KWh power consumption.

West point, GA, EZ Blockchain

How We Accomplish Our Goals

• Flexible

We acknowledge that crypto mining equipment keeps changing, so we design flexible Smartboxes to keep mining operations competitive. They fit flexible sizes and types of crypto mining hardware for rapid deployment.

Fully Plug and Play

Our Smartboxes are fully plug and play and can be easily deployed to follow the best energy prices.

Top KW Capacity ASIC Miners in a 40 FT Unit

EZ Blockchain Smartboxes resemble shipping containers from the outside but are engineered inside for Bitcoin mining and maximum computer performance.

Calculated Airflow for the Best Operation in Hot and Cold Environments

Our Smartboxes are optimized to protect the machines and units inside while maintaining the highest performance of the mining machines.

West point, GA, EZ Blockchain
EZ Smartbox 1500i - Immersion liquid cooling crypto mining container

Know Where to Take Your Excess Energy

At EZ Blockchain, we make it easy for you.

  1.   Schedule a call with us

Talk to our team to learn more. We can help you understand your plant’s production capacity and opportunities for you to sell wasted energy.

  1.   Give us your proposal

Communicate your proposal with us. Understand what we will pay for your unused energy and create a project timeline.

  1.   Set up the facility

Identify any required upgrades to your power plant. Coordinate with the local authorities and grid operators. Set up the data center.

  1.   Sell every megawatt

Generate your maximum power output. Sell every megawatt of unused energy. Deliver your promises to investors.

About EZ Blockchain

West point, GA, EZ Blockchain

We started EZ Blockchain with a mission to solve the global energy waste problem using Bitcoin mining.

How? We started as a data center hosting services provider for high-density computing such as proof-of-work crypto mining.

Why? We understand that power costs have been one of the most significant factors in crypto mining. We developed a line of high-density modular computing data centers for crypto mining to bring crypto mining to cheaper power sources.

West point, GA, EZ Blockchain

The EZ Blockchain team utilizes Bitcoin’s high power consumption as a tool for capturing wasted energy from capped wells, flared gas, and vented gas.

We are a team of professionals, entrepreneurs, and experts suited to make power plants, grids, crypto mining, and the global economy green.

Are you looking to expand your revenue stream using wasted energy at your power plant? There is no better place to look than EZ Blockchain.

Interested to sell your unused MWs or learn more?
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