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Knowledge Vision – An Interview with Sergii Gerasymovych

Starting any kind of company is full of challenges, but what challenges do companies working in the frontiers of the market face? Specifically, what challenges do blockchain and crypto companies face? Sergii Gerasymovych from EZ Blockchain discusses these issues alongside Matthew Lisle of Legal Galaxy Digital and Daniel McCabe of Flexa.

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Carving New Paths

Most company founders will tell you that starting a company is no simple feat. Starting a company within a newly expanding field or discipline, in particular, requires the highest degree of passion.

Some of the difficulties faced when starting a business at the cutting-edge of any industry come from the lack of business references. In many cases, there is neither theory nor examples to go off of—the rules are being written as the game is being played.

As a result, these business founders are often incredibly ambitious and driven, and the members of the panel in this episode of Knowledge Vision are no exception.

  • Matthew Lisle talks to us about his trajectory and how his experience has played into his current work in secured credit and derivatives trading operations.
  • Daniel McCabe dives into the world of fraud-free digital payments.
  • And Sergii Gerasymovych talks to us about the challenges of dealing with resistance from old-school thinking that pushes back on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Resistance for Blockchain

As Sergii describes, curiosity breeds exploration while fear breeds rejection. In a market that’s not only new but volatile such as cryptocurrency, it’s normal to run into a bit of fear along the way. Normal, however, does not mean this fear is in the best interests of the market.

For Sergii and his company, EZ Blockchain, market fear has manifested itself in rejection on more than one occasion. Luckily, that was never the end of the path for this game-changing company. The rejection came first, but curiosity followed, and from there, stakeholders were able to venture together into innovation and exploration.

Fear was nonetheless expected, which is why EZ Blockchain once thought to hide the intended focus under a less obvious name. However, doubling down on their work with the blockchain has helped bolster recognition over time.

As Sergii reveals in this interview, there were and continue to be roadblocks that can make decisions difficult. A big hurdle, for example, is dealing with utilities.

Setting up an agreement with utility companies can be quite expensive for a blockchain-based business, especially when you’re involved with a market like a cryptocurrency. In the case of EZ Blockchain, the utility company wanted many months of payment upfront based on their hesitance towards blockchain. Nevertheless, Sergii was able to push forward, later becoming one of the leading experts in the field today.


To learn more about the obstacles that blockchain companies can face and to listen to the valuable comments from the other two panelists, make sure to register and listen to the full blockchain conference.

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