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Partnership Between EZ Blockchain and Wattum Management to Take Crypto Mining to New Heights

EZ Blockchain and Wattum Management recently announced a strategic partnership to boost EZ Blockchain’s crypto mining container technology with Wattum’s software and oversight.
February 04, 2021

Chicago, IL: EZ Blockchain and Wattum Management announced a new partnership on the heels of a successful year for both companies.

EZ Blockchain has come to be recognized as a leader in proof-of-work blockchain infrastructure through groundbreaking work with oil and gas companies. Since the installation of their first “Smartbox” (also known as a “Bitcoin Mining Container”) in 2018, the company has developed several improved manifestations their specialized mobile data containers and installed them on oil fields across the country. These containers process and utilize the natural gas released during oil drilling, which for decades has been burned (or “flared”) without the necessary infrastructure to monetize it.

The energy harvested from this natural gas becomes an asset for the oil fields as well as the best solutions for gas flaring mitigation. The magnitude of EZ Blockchain’s success in this space has spurred further initiatives for their new brand, EZ Energy.

In addition to processing natural gas and sending energy to the grid, Smarboxes are powerhouses for crypto currency mining. This harkens back to EZ Blockchain’s origins in designing, building and managing physical infrastructure for proof of work blockchains.

And now, that’s where Wattum Management comes in.

Wattum carries out full monitoring and maintenance of crypto mining equipment and will now monitor the EZ Blockchain containers themselves. The Wattum team will optimize processes and increase miner efficiency, while also ensuring all machinery runs optimally day and night. With assets like their HiveOS software, Wattum will monitor the state of the farm as well as overclocking.

The goal of the partnership is to make leading mining and flare mitigation technology even more efficient for the benefit of both companies, the oil fields, and end consumers. Once enough of this technology is adopted at oil fields, the EZ Blockchain Smartboxes have the potential to bring down the costs of energy nation-wide.

EZ Blockchain and Wattum thought leaders originally connected through a vendor-client relationship. But, as the Wattum motto goes, “we want to be your partner, not your vendor.” This was particularly true in the context of a partnership with EZ Blockchain because the benefits for all stakeholders were palpable.

The partnership is anticipated to bring instantaneous process improvements to Smartbox performance and technology with long-term growth opportunity in software and hardware development for each company.

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Sergii Gerasymovych
CEO EZ Blockchain
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