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ASIC Miner Hosting: What You Need to Know

With the increased complexity of Bitcoin mining, only miners using specialized equipment like ASICs have the chance to make profits from Bitcoin mining. Still, they have to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, which only comes with a good ASIC miner hosting solution. 

So, what exactly is an ASIC miner hosting solution? What does it do for Bitcoin miners? Let’s get the answers in this comprehensive guide. 

What Is ASIC Miner Hosting?

ASIC miner hosting is a fundamental service provided by hosting or colocation service companies to cryptocurrency miners. It’s an emergent solution birthed by the evolving needs in the crypto mining sector, with a sharp focus on Bitcoin mining. Essentially, the hosting service providers enter into an agreement with miners to cater to all their mining needs. 

From providing specialized facilities or data centers to the necessary data center infrastructure, personnel support, and security. Miners only have to deploy their ASIC miners to the facility, but in some agreements, the hosting company can also acquire the mining hardware on behalf of the client.

While various colocation service providers host different types of crypto mining equipment, the key here is that the hardware is specifically the ASIC. ASIC ( Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) miners are now the most sophisticated and mostly used mining rigs due to their ability to keep pace with the increasing complexity of mining. They are more powerful than their counterparts, such as GPUs, and are usually designed to mine a specific cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. Therefore, your ASIC miner hosting package can only handle a single cryptocurrency.

Why Use an ASIC Miner Hosting Service?

Primarily, most miners use hosting services to achieve operational efficiency and mine more profitably. However, this is usually the subject of a mix of benefits associated with an ASIC mining hosting package. 

Lower power rates: Most ASIC hosting companies have more access to cheap energy due to their locations. Generally, some locations have low energy rates, and a hosting service provider can apply for industrial or commercial rates, making it even better.

They also save you the time it would take to find a good power provider and develop a sound relationship.

  • Economies of scale:  Hosting services often provide economies of scale, allowing clients to benefit from bulk hardware purchases and shared infrastructure costs. This can result in cost savings compared to running a mining operation independently.
  • Infrastructure management: ASIC colocation services handle the infrastructure requirements of Bitcoin mining, including power, cooling, and network connectivity. This relieves clients of the burden of setting up and maintaining their own facilities, which can be complex and costly.
  • Convenience: Mining at a colocation facility allows miners to run their miners without dealing with the challenges of building a data center from scratch. Ideally, miners would otherwise have to find a reliable power source, which may be challenging to get from the national grid. 

Additionally, miners can transfer the burden of ensuring the ASICs remain active as per the runtime agreed upon in the contract. With a colocation service, you only buy the miners and leave everything else for the hosting provider. They can enjoy the convenience of a redundant network, power, and cooling system without paying any additional costs. 

  • Expertise and support: Colocation service providers often have experienced staff who can offer technical support and troubleshooting assistance. This can be especially valuable for clients who may not have the expertise or resources to manage their mining hardware effectively. 
  • Access to strategic locations: ASIC miner hosting companies may operate facilities in regions with favorable regulatory environments, abundant renewable energy sources, or proximity to cheap electricity sources. Clients can leverage these strategic locations to optimize their mining operations and maximize profitability.
  • Risk mitigation: By outsourcing the physical hosting of their mining equipment to a third-party provider, clients can mitigate risks such as theft, vandalism, and equipment failure. Hosting services typically offer security measures and redundancy to minimize the risk of downtime.
  • Environmental sustainability goals: Bitcoin mining faced much criticism over its energy consumption and carbon footprint. Environmentalists argued that Bitcoin mining activities are unsustainable due to their high energy requirements and negative environmental impacts, which threaten mining activities. 

Although ASIC miners are still pretty energy-intensive, most hosting providers are turning to renewable energy. For instance, upwards of the energy used by ASIC miner hosting service EZ Blockchain comes from renewable energy. Consequently, miners working with such companies can meet their environmental sustainability goals as they are mining on renewable energy.

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What Should You Consider in an ASIC Miner Hosting Company?

Getting the right ASIC hosting solutions isn’t always a straightforward process for many miners. However, with so many options, you can easily pick your ideal partner, provided you know what makes a good colocation service provider for your ASIC miners. 


A good ASIC Bitcoin mining hosting service provider shouldn’t just provide a random price for their hosting packages. It should charge a competitive and transparent fee that provides miners with value for their money. Miners should know and understand the company’s costing model, whether it is price per square foot or a power costing model based on a price per kilowatt hour all in. 

The pricing should resonate with the current energy prices in that location for ASIC miner hosting services that use the power costing model. Therefore, knowing the average energy rates can help you determine if they have fair pricing. 


The location of a colocation service affects your Bitcoin mining activities in different dimensions. First, a colocation service ought to be in a location where they can access cheap power as this transfers the benefit to the clients. Additionally, they need a location with enough floor space to accommodate enough miners and the necessary infrastructure. Also, they need to be away from residential areas to avoid interrupting your mining process once their operations are deemed a nuisance due to the noise from the mining hardware.

Finally, the location should be such that it is easy for you to deliver your ASICs once you agree to a contract. Ensure you look at the location based on all these parameters and settle on the most important aspects for you. Remember, many ASIC miner colocation providers establish data centers in remote locations and oil fields to take advantage of wasted energy, a serene mining atmosphere, and floor space availability. The location may also raise or lower your costs depending on the climate due to cooling needs.

Miner Uptime

A reliable hosting service should provide robust infrastructure with redundant systems and reliable power management to ensure minimal downtime. Clients rely on consistent uptime to maximize their mining profitability, so reliability is crucial. 95% uptime is the industry standard, so a higher than this threshold can be considered a premium service. Also, they should have a strong internet bandwidth that ensures your miners run uninterrupted.

Cooling Infrastructure

Every accomplished ASIC mining hosting company understands the high amounts of heat a Bitcoin mining setup emits. As a result, they should be heavily invested in efficient cooling systems that can cater to the needs of their target client size.

Single-phase Immersion cooling system

Single-phase Immersion cooling system

Essentially, a crypto mining hosting company should provide clients with both air-cooled and immersion-cooled technologies so they can choose what works best for them. Note, however, that an immersion cooling system is more effective and has a range of benefits, and that’s why it comes at an extra cost. 


ASIC miners are high-value equipment, so the security of your hardware is important. Besides, a profitable mining setup can have hundreds of miners, as this increases your computing power and profitability. As a company that has the custody of thousands of high-value equipment, they should have robust security measures to protect the hardware from theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. This may include physical security, such as security personnel, and safety equipment, such as closed-circuit surveillance systems. 

Regulatory Compliance

The crypto mining sector is yet to develop a robust regulatory framework within which ASIC colocation service providers should operate. However, specific guidelines exist for each jurisdiction within which the companies must operate. For instance, all crypto mining activities in China are outlawed, so a colocation service in this jurisdiction is non-compliant. You can look up the Bitcoin mining regulations at the location and ensure your hosting service is legitimate and meets the standards of its domicile.

What Are the Downsides of an ASIC Miner Hosting Package?

While an ASIC miner hosting agreement can ease your mining process and help your equipment run more profitably, it’s not without a share of downsides. 

  • Security risk: Although hosting service providers may have all the necessary security protocols, it does not entirely eliminate the risk of having your equipment handled by a third party at their premises. You have to rely on their trustworthiness.
  • Hidden costs: Some hosting service providers may begin to demand additional costs that were not included in the ASIC hosting package. Although you may have the right to refute them, it can be a huge inconvenience and could undermine the profitability of your setup. 
  • Regulatory risks: With the crypto mining regulatory environment still in its infancy, the operations of the ASIC colocation service may be interrupted by government policies at any time. Should this happen, you may have to adjust or stop mining.
  • Mining disruption: Your mining operations depend on the mining hosting company. Should the hosting solution encounter financial challenges or any difficulties that affect their business, they may disrupt your mining operations directly.

Summing Up

Bitcoin mining has quickly evolved from a homegrown operation to a billion-dollar industry with many more stakeholders. Amidst the energy challenges, ASIC miner hosting companies play a fundamental role. Miners are poised to shift to hosted ASIC Bitcoin mining as previous techniques, such as self-mining with GPUs, have become impractical. Only miners who can leverage the full benefits of an ASIC miner hosting package have the chance to remain in business long enough to see the next paradigm shift in the fast-paced crypto industry. 

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