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Sergii Gerasymovych Joins CryptoMom2 Podcast: Exploring Entrepreneurship, Energy, and Blockchain

We're thrilled to announce that Sergii Gerasymovych, the co-founder of EZ Blockchain, recently made a captivating appearance on the renowned podcast, CryptoMom2. Hosted by Jacqueline Cooper, a blockchain entrepreneur and author, this episode delves into Sergii's entrepreneurial journey, the intersection of energy and technology, and the remarkable story behind EZ Blockchain's success.

In this “CryptoMom2” podcast episode, Jacqueline Cooper engages Sergii in a riveting conversation that explores his unique journey and the evolution of EZ Blockchain. Listeners will gain valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship, energy solutions, and the potential of blockchain technology. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of energy, sustainability, and the transformative power of blockchain.

Here’s a little overview:

  • A Journey of Entrepreneurship and Linguistics:
    After completing his university education, Sergii embarked on a remarkable entrepreneurial journey. Leveraging his expertise in linguistics, he founded a consulting service that catered to US businesses seeking an international reach. This early venture allowed Sergii to hone his skills and lay the foundation for his future endeavours.
  • The Birth of EZ Blockchain:
    Driven by his deep passion for energy and technology, Sergii founded EZ Blockchain. This groundbreaking company collaborates with oil and gas (OAG) producers, transforming wasted energy into profitable ventures. By converting wasted natural gas into cryptocurrency on-site, EZ Blockchain helps OAG producers meet compliance requirements, reduce or eliminate gas flaring, and create new revenue streams. This innovative solution not only benefits the environment but also supports business and community development in local communities across the US.
  • About Jacqueline Cooper:
    Jacqueline Cooper, the host of CryptoMom2, possesses a diverse background encompassing business, education, and law. With a mission to empower individuals in the rapidly evolving blockchain sector, Jacqueline is an accomplished author and founder of CryptoMom2 Consulting. Her educational credentials and experience in blockchain education make her a formidable voice in the industry, consistently pushing boundaries and helping others succeed.


Sergii Gerasymovych’s appearance on the CryptoMom2 podcast offers a valuable opportunity to gain deeper insights into his entrepreneurial journey, the transformative work of EZ Blockchain, and the potential of blockchain technology. Don’t miss out on this engaging conversation! Subscribe to the podcast and join the ever-growing community of blockchain enthusiasts.


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