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7 Things an Investor must Know About Bitcoin Mining Hosting

Once you understand Bitcoin mining and resolve to try it, you may want to find a Bitcoin mining hosting service. Choosing the right service can be a little challenging due to the many providers to choose from. However, more important is to understand how crypto mining hosting works before you think of a hosting service. This article will explain Bitcoin mining hosting in detail and tell you the seven things every investor must know about cryptocurrency mining hosting.

EZ Blockchain hosting services

What is Crypto Mining Hosting?

For those mining cryptocurrencies for a while and making some profits, we agree that it’s nearly impossible to have miners in your living space. The mining process emits a mix of heat and noise that is quite a nuisance and makes the mining equipment less efficient.

But did you know you can transfer your mining equipment and servers to a commercial facility? That’s what cryptocurrency mining hosting involves. When you use a crypto hosting service, you store your miners in a commercial facility commonly known as a colocation or data center. The crypto hosting facilities ensure that everything is in place and relieve the server owner of any worries.

The most important benefit of a crypto hosting service is convenience. Hosting providers take care of all the hassles associated with crypto mining, including providing the space and maintaining the mining rigs. They have racks and cabinets where servers are stored, each with a power and internet connection and a cooling system.

What Investors Need to Know About Bitcoin Mining Hosting

There are a couple of things investors must understand before approaching a colocation facility. Mining cryptocurrency is a significant investment, and we want to help investors avoid possible losses by understanding Bitcoin mining hosting. Below are seven essential considerations for choosing a crypto hosting service.

EZ Blockchain hosting services

● The Services Offered

It will help you avoid unnecessary emotions and losses when you have a professional hosting service by your side. The ideal crypto mining facility should have a technical support staff to inspect the devices and help in equipment installation. It should maintain high-quality standards and have an around-the-clock team that monitors the mining equipment to ensure that each computer is in order. They can have specialized tools such as online monitoring equipment to see how mining works and that there are no problems with the rigs.

Ideally, all hosting service providers use any of the three ways, which include container, retrofitted, or purpose-built data centers. Containers are now a popular hosting solution due to their mobility, and they can use grid or stranded energy.

Retrofitted crypto hosting facilities can take the form of warehouses, mills, or smelters, and most of them use grid energy. Purpose-built data centers offer the best quality hosting services but have heavy capital requirements.

EZ Blockchain hosting services


Bitcoin mining hosting facilities agree to handle the downsides of cryptocurrency mining but for a fee. The charges vary among the hosting services based on several factors. Some use a costing model based on space, power consumption, or both.

Here, power costs are a significant determinant of profitability since Bitcoin mining consumes exceptionally high power. However, some data centers are using alternative sources of energy that help lower the costs and the carbon footprints of Bitcoin mining. Investors looking for colocations are better looking for those using green energy sources that are renewable and sustainable.

Most providers are open about their fees, and there should be no hidden charges. Investors need to pay attention to the price per kilowatt-hour or square unit to understand the total cost depending on the pricing model. In any case, ensure that they charge you for what your miners can use.

Also, make sure the hosting service provider is clear about the contractual terms. Ideally, most of them run between 12 to 24 months, and they can have different hosting plans. For instance, the company may offer a hosting-only package, in which you pay a fixed amount for the basics. They can also have another package that includes additional services such as optimizing your mining equipment and other services at an added cost. Additionally, there can be more options for institutional investors. Depending on the type of investor, you can always review the options and pick what suits your goal.


A redundant network, power, and cooling system ensure your miners run 24/7. It is a desirable feature if you do not want your mining rigs to stop. When the devices are idle, you are not mining, and your investment is not making profits during that period. Serious miners look for crypto hosting services with 99.9% redundancy, although this comes at a cost.

Adding redundancy could add up to $650 per square foot of data center space, which can significantly undermine the return on investment period. Investors can weigh between the added redundancy costs and having their equipment offline for about 36 hours annually. They can decide whether to go for a crypto hosting service with redundancy or one without.


Hosting simply means renting out space, power, and internet connection for your high-end mining equipment. Most colocation services acknowledge the value of these devices and have multiple layers of physical and network security.  These may include security devices such as biometric sensors, closed-circuit television cameras, video archives, and even security personnel. Also, mining farms are optimized to work at maximum profitability, so it can be difficult for hackers to steal processing power and go unnoticed.

In any case, investors need to ascertain the security of the Bitcoin mining hosting service they choose. They can check online whether there is information on security breaches for a particular hosting service and work with a provider that guarantees safety.

Internet Connection

If you are new to cryptocurrency mining, it makes sense to think about the internet connection and the bandwidth required for mining. However, in the real sense, the speed of the internet is a non-issue. Hosting services with the internet of 5 Mbps, whether 3G or 4G, will serve medium to large mining rigs.

The bottom line is that the hosting service provider doesn’t need a powerful internet connection, but it needs to be stable. If you are losing the connection every five minutes or so, there could be a problem affecting your mining speed.

Power Supply

As a factor that significantly affects the price of your hosting, the power supply is a critical consideration when looking for Bitcoin mining hosting. The ideal colocation should have a power supply to keep the equipment running efficiently. Grids are prone to power outages, so the best hosting providers have automatic power backup sources to ensure the mining equipment does not stop when there is a blackout.

Also, Bitcoin mining activities have faced criticism over being energy-intensive and having a massive carbon footprint. Mining hosting companies are moving to green energy such as wind, solar, hydropower, and geothermal thermal power. Investors can look for crypto hosting facilities that are environmentally conscious and invested in green Bitcoin mining. These renewable energy sources are more cost-effective, so Bitcoin mining with green energy is more profitable.

Air Filtration and Cooling

Crypto hosting facilities need adequate ventilation due to the large amounts of heat emitted by the mining equipment. However, the equipment could get less efficient if dust particles accumulate, hence the need for an air filtration system. The devices also need regular cleaning as dust could still settle on the surfaces with time.

Given that hosting facilities have many miners, the amount of heat generated could make the facility pretty hot and damage some of the equipment. Colocation facilities thus need to be heavily invested in cooling equipment to ensure maximum efficiency of the miners.

Miners have for a long time used air cooling systems, and they are still used by most crypto mining hosting providers. However, some like EZ Blockchain use innovative immersion cooling technology. Immersion cooling is far more effective than air cooling and provides up to 40% long-term return on investment.

EZ Blockchain hosting services

About EZ Blockchain

EZ Blockchain is an innovative company that provides some of the best hosting services and guarantees 95% industry uptime. One of the top Bitcoin mining companies, EZ Blockchain, uses renewable energies, including gas, solar, and wind. EZ Blockchain has also committed to providing sustainable solutions, with 30-50% of electricity on its hosting locations coming from emission free resources.

At EZ Blockchain, we have some of the best data centers, including a private mobile data center colocation that comes complete with a cooling system. Investors get to choose the type of cooling they want with a package for an air-cooled mobile data center and an immersion cooled data center.

Our air-cooled mobile data center boasts a 600 miners minimum capacity or 2 mW power consumption. The immersion cooled option has a 288 miners minimum or 1.2 mW power consumption.

We have robust security measures, including 24/7 security personnel, motion sensors, video surveillance, physical security infrastructure, remote monitoring, and network security. With over three years of experience in crypto mining hosting services, EZ Blockchain prides itself on the highest quality standards and professionalism in all our processes.

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