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Sergii Gerasymovych on Energy Scale Ups with Jose Soliz

The Energy ScaleUps podcast explores the people and companies solving today’s problems to meet tomorrow’s energy needs. Occasionally, the show features a story of when a long-ignored problem is finally and satisfyingly addressed. Such is the case with this interview with Sergii Gerasymovych, the CEO and Co-Founder of EZ Blockchain.

The Interview

Sergii called in to the show from EZ Blockchain’s Chicago office, and Jose wasted no time in mentioning Sergii’s recent recognition on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list.

With that applauded credential, the two were off and running on an in-depth conversation.

Sergii’s passion for technology and energy led him to the solutions he provides today. The transition, however, took place in two distinct stages.

  1. First, Sergii created EZ Blockchain to provide cryptocurrency miners with the sophisticated computer equipment needed to mine the digital coins
  2. Then, after discovering the principal challenges the OAG faces today, he saw a way forward for miners with access to more affordable and sustainable energy

The result is a proprietary system designed to produce electricity with stranded natural gas reserves and natural gas that is otherwise flared away. That electricity, then, is used to mine cryptocurrency while reducing the producers’ carbon emissions and generating an instant new revenue stream.

What an interesting topic!” Jose remarks.

I’m glad you find that interesting,” Sergii jokes. There’s no doubt that Sergii finds it interesting, though, as he answers each of Jose’s questions with clarity and poise.

The Smartgrid

When Jose asks Sergii about how the EZ Blockchain Smartgrid works, his reply is easy to appreciate:

Generating power is the first step,” he says. That power, then, has to be used for something—and that’s where the mobile data centers (filled with power-hungry cryptocurrency mining equipment) come in.

This is one of the only systems that can use so much power on such a small footprint,” Sergii points out. This is exceptionally important for the oil and gas companies that have adopted the solution.

It’s also an extraordinarily fast solution to install and implement, Sergii says, like the recent Alberta mobile data center that was installed in February 2021 and fully implemented in March.

Challenges that Come with Growing a Business

Jose then talks to Sergii about his capacity to scale a business, which has been demonstrated time and again throughout his career.

Sergii’s business acumen has been present across multiple business models and industries.

Sergii talks of his personal story on other recent podcasts like the Oil & Gas Onshore and Texas Oil and Gas, and so on this interview with Energy ScaleUps, he takes the opportunity to talk about the business lessons he’s learned.

Scaling,” Sergii says, “doesn’t always happen when you expect it.”

Sergii points to the pandemic and the huge drop in fuel consumption and explains how the OAG industry was suddenly ready to listen to what he’d been educating them on with little adoption for the past two years.

Come 2020, business for EZ Blockchain was all about meeting enormous new demand.

There were so many clients at one time, Sergii recalls, that some projects ended up flopping. This was another business lesson Sergii experienced – how to navigate the few occasions when the company wasn’t able to deliver.

Jose goes on to pick Sergii’s brain about hiring, the relationship of co-founders, the perennial willingness to learn, and many other parts of business success.

The interview ends with zero doubt in your mind as to why Sergii was recently recognized as a Forbes “30 Under 30.”

Listen to the full episode for more.

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